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At Smucker Mechanical Services, we like DIY projects as much as the next guy, but with gas water heater installation we highly recommend seeking out a skilled professional for the job. The process requires a gas supply, a cold water supply, and a flue connection to expel harmful gases. The truth is, the margin for error in this case is zero. It’s imperative to make sure your cuts are straight and if the piping has been soldered into place, use a hacksaw or tubing cutter to cut the pipe. Are you in need of installation or replacement? Smucker Mechanical Services is prepared to get the job done affordably and efficiently.   

Masters of Home Enhancement: Smucker Mechanical

We fit torches into your yard to maximize your curb appeal and increase your home’s overall value. You’ll be amazed at the effect a simple upgrade can have on your outdoor’s appearance.  


When you make the switch from electric to propane or natural gas, your current line will need an update. Often, new lines are required with new appliances as well. Smucker Mechanical can help you find a solution for heating your home, running stoves, finding a water heater, and running your dryers.    

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Installing and replacing gas lines is a dangerous job that requires proven expertise. At Smucker Mechanical Services, you can rest easy knowing the job is being handled by professionals with a proven track record.

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